Sony PS3 Jailbroken, 500gb! loads of games! sale or swap
£200 Hull

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PS3 phat 250GB+250GB Jailbroke with custom firmware loads of games

As per title my jailbroke PS3 phat with upgraded hdd to 250GB + a 250gb USB hdd
It is in full working order never had any issues security seal is still intact and has never been tampered with.

Currently on 3.55 firmware running latest ReBug CFW so you can download or back up games

Also has FTP installed so you can root around the system installing games/videos anything from your PC or laptop.

Currently installed across the two drives are
Crysis 2,
Infamous 2 + Infamous 2 Festival of Blood
Star Wars Jedi Outcast 2 also included on official blueray boxed mint.
The Darkness 2 (need eboot patched when it comes out)
Tekken 5
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Naughty Bear
Rise of the Arganoughts
Spiderman Web of Shadows
LA Noire
Home front
Mind Jack
Assails Creed Brotherhood
Ghost Recon Advanced Fighter 2
Half life Orange box
Sonic Generations
Mafia 2
James bond Bloodstone
GTA LibertyCity
Gran Turismo 5
Fallout New Vegas
Dead Space 2
Dark Sector
Bullet Storm
Bad company
Battlefield bad company 2

There is still 180gb left on the internal hdd!

It will come with all cables power and HDMI and 1 x official Sony 6 axis Controller.

Any questions drop me a line

If you don't understand any of what is in this drop me a line.

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