Sleep positioner with heartbeat

Chesterton £8.00
564 days ago


Makes a subtle heartbeat niose and vibration to help baby sleep. Two settings. Can use the whole thing until baby can roll over, then can take out the bit that makes the noise and put in under a normal cot mattress too. Excellent condition. Worked wonders in our daughter's Moses basket and then cot. £25 new. No packaging.

Internet blurb:

The Summer Supreme Sleep Positioner is safe, simple and completely adjustable in three areas.

The sleek Summer Supreme Sleep Positioner is one piece with no wedges and has been designed for comfort, simplicity, and safety.

The Summer Supreme Positioner has a Memory Foam pillow area and FloThru covered wings to help reduce overheating and its gentle incline elevates baby to help with digestion and designed to reduce reflux.

One of the wings of the Summer Supreme Positioner includes Summer patented heart beat sensation which is a multi function artificial heart beat that soothes baby to sleep.


Wedge sleep positioner.
Inclined surface gently elevates baby to help reduce reflux and aid digestion.
Breathable wings designed to minimize overheating.
Battery operated heart beat vibrations soothe baby to sleep.
Easy to use reminding system to show which direction to face baby’s head.
Manufacturer’s recommended age: From birth to six months.

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