Sennheiser Freeport Wireless guitar system kit - Great for live performance and hardly used!

Bristol £120.00
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868 days ago


I bought this kit around a year ago for live performances in my old band but ended up only using it a few times. For what I play now I don't really use it at all, so deciding to sell it for some money. Great quality and is a great bit of kit!

All reviews for this system seem to favour it over others, so grab yourself a great piece of equipment cheap!

I'm sorry, but I don't want to post to outside of the UK. For those within the UK, I'd rather you come pick it up as I no longer have the box and don't want the cuffuffle of the postage company adding charges or loosing it. HOWEVER, if you really cannot pick it up I'll contact a courier for you.

Any questions feel free to give me a call or throw me an email!

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