Roland W-30 with manual & large sample library Vintage & Rare Sampling Keyboard Workstation Prodigy

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The Roland W30 was used exclusively in the production of the Prodigy's early recordings and in live performances up until 2008! A quick Google search will give you lots more information.
In fact the Roland W30 was used to create many records and performances in the late 80's & early 90's and is still a very handy bit of kit in this day and age.
They are becoming increasingly hard to find, especially in such good condition, with the original manual and including such a large sample library.
It's a classic piece of vintage equipment with some really cool features and a great crunchy lo-fi sound. Perfect for that early Hip Hop vibe or for some Prodigy or DJ Shadow style flavours.
Apparently it was also favoured by such early Hip Hop artists such as EPMD and MC Hammer.
Though manufactured 1989 this has only had relatively light use in a smoke free and pet free environment.
I actually bought this keyboard about fifteen years ago with the view of getting into making music with a sampler. Soon after that I got Logic software which came with a soft sampler and so this only got used for occasional midi duties and I never got around to learning how to use it fully.
As I'm a guitarist the keyboard has only had fairly light home use since then and has never been gigged.
I have uploaded a demo video to Youtube but as it's been so long since I last used it as a sampler I'm afraid it's rather sketchy. However it does show that it works and uploads sounds quite happily. I just can't remember how to map them across the keyboard very well or use the sequencer.

Condition wise there are only a few surface scratches on the case which are purely cosmetic.

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