Roland Greco G808 and GR303 Synth guitar and Floor Unit

West End £1,500.00
1184 days ago


I have an excellent vintage Roland/Greco G808 guitar controller and GR-303 synth floor unit for sale/swap/px.

The guitar pictured is same model, but not the actual guitar, same goes for the floor synth unit.

Guitar is a neck through, beautifully made and crafted in the Fuji yen factory that the old amazing ibanez guitars were made i believe.

The guitar is in great nick, has the usual dings as per a 80's guitar, and other physical faults would be an intermittently faulty pickup selector/switch (due to oxidisation no doubt, so just needs some WD-40 etc.) and the tone knob potentiometer is a bit gritty, so along the same lines.

The floor unit is in perfect condition, and all features seem to work perfectly! Amazing analogue sound as used by Pat Metheny and Andy Summers.

This is a serious peice of kit, and a real collectors item, you don't see these come along often!

4.5 metre 25 pin cable included (very, very hard to come by!)

All reasonable offers/swaps/PX considered.

independent expert valued at £1650 so no silly offers please.

Honest reason for sale as I have recently bought more modern hardware and cannot give it the playing time it deserves!

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