ricoh GXE3300N sublimation printer brand new with four cartidges for 250 pound
£250 East London

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Ricoh Sublimation Printers
GXe3300N SubliPrinter GXe7700 SubliPrinter with 29ml cartridges with high volume cartridges All the Ricoh printers use ink cartridges filled with Subli-JetR inks rather than using a continuous ink system as offered with Epson printers.

The sublimation package we offer includes the printer, a full set of Subli-JetR cartridges and the supported colour management software (by download).

The SubliJet-R sublimation cartridges are a high viscosity ink and are exclusively used with the Ricoh printers which offer dramatically improved print speed, lower cost per copy, low-maintenance, energy efficiency, vibrant colours combined with consistency and reliability as never seen before.

For existing users of sublimation, one unique feature is the durability of the print-head itself. Ink is ejected with greater force eliminating clogging and time consuming blockages, especially if the printer is not used for prolonged periods.

The printer package is complete with a full set of starter SubliJet-R cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)

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