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ReSound Metrix MX60 DI Digital Hearing Aids

Finsbury Park, London £200.00
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735 days ago


Selling these used digital hearing aids in tan colour. Bought for £3,190 in June 2007 (receipt as proof of purchase included). Selling due to a needed upgrade! These are still in great condition and come with box, replacement ear buds,batteries and instructions.

Tubes and extra earbuds/batteries can be bought cheaply on eBay. Search the internet for these hearing aids and you will see they are being sold for £1000's!!! Grab a bargain quickly! Any questions - email me!

What the website says:
The ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE hearing aid offers enhanced hearing to people who are finding that their hearing problems are affecting their quality of life. Designed for maximum value and performance by the engineers at ReSound, the ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE hearing aid is a fine example of hearing enhancement innovation. Comfortable and inobtrustive, the ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE is built for years of dependable, affordable hearing assistance. This quality hearing aid can handle most ordinary hearing situations, making it possible for the ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE`s user to hear difficult sounds and participate in conversations with ease.

ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE: Feature and Fit.
The ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE hearing aid is a mini behind-the-ear unit, which means the ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE is a hearing aid that is built out of two parts - a plastic case behind the ear and an earmold that covers the ear canal. Like the regular behind-the-ear hearing aids, the two parts of mini behind-the-ear hearing aids are connected by a small tube or a wire. The ReSound Metrix MX60 Mini-BTE hearing aid is even less visible than a regular behind-the-ear because of its small size.

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