Otley £210.00
1190 days ago


I bought this brand new just a few months ago, because my other small bodied guitar had problems (now resolved). In the event, I've played it very little - it is unmarked and effectively "as new". It cost £350, which was the cheapest available UK price at the time.

These Recording King Classic series guitars are rebranded versions of the highly regarded Johnson Carolina range, although these newer models are undoubtedly much better made. They are basically reproductions of 1930's Martin designs (the heyday of these instruments). The guitar has a very high quality bookmatched top made from solid Englemann spruce. The back and sides are made from well matched solid mahogany and the neck is hand-carved from a single piece of mahogany. A scalloped "X" bracing design is used to maximise tone and the authenticity even extends to a soft “v” profile neck, which makes for very comfortable fretting.

The tone of these instruments is exceptional and exactly what you would expect from a top-quality Martin. At present, this particular guitar sounds a bit new, but in time the bass will undoubtedly develop and become clear and solid. The mid-range is very smooth with a pleasing warmth and a bit of edge when you really dig in. The trebles are clear, sweet and detailed. These guitars are also very responsive, with surprising power and projection.

You can read the full specifications of this guitar at:

I have uploaded a video review of this guitar to Youtube. Please check it out at the link below or attached to this listing:

I have now reduced the price of this guitar for a quick sale. Not only is it unmarked, but it was professionally set up by the shop I bought it from - something which you wouldn't get from most internet shops! Also, as these guitars take some time to "open up", the small amount of playing it has had will only have improved it.


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