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With the brand new Xtended Definition series, Korg brings a whole set of professional features to its D-Series of digital recording studios. A stable of advanced mixing, editing, and recording features are complimented by a huge internal hard drive, a built-in CD-RW burner and a variety of performance enhancing options. Offering 96 kHz/24 bit resolution, up to sixteen simultaneous record tracks, mix automation and flying faders, the D32XD Digital Recording Studio is equipped to bring your creative ideas to life.

Brilliant Ergonomic Design

The D32XD is designed to provide unparalleled ease of use, the highest quality audio recording and processing available – and to look good doing it. The clean, stylish lines and uncluttered control surface are preserved thanks to the huge TouchView display that organizes a wealth of parameters and controls into easily accessed on-screen menus. This new display features enhanced resolution, a four-tone gray scale, and tilts up for easy viewing. The improvements to the display make it ideal for audio editing functions. Four dedicated knobs below the display provide permanent realtime access to the Effects parameters. Similar dedicated knobs and buttons for the individual EQs and Sends are located to the right of the display. And, flying faders and dynamic automation are the icing on the cake.

Supreme Audio Quality

Xtended Definition means this new recorder features
uncompressed, 96 kHz / 24-bit audio recording. Resolutions of 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz (both at 24 and 16 bit depths) are also supported. Digital processing quality remains at high levels throughout the mixer, effect and output stages. But digital excellence is not the end of the story. The D32XD also provides eight channels of fully programmable analog compression to the inputs, delivering a richness of tone and dynamic processing that cannot be duplicated by digital technology.

Modular Input Design

Eight XLR jacks, each with individual phantom power supply, only hint at the input possibilities. Eight 1/4” balanced jacks are also provided. Each input features a variable trim knob and a 24dB pad to accommodate almost any input source. By adding the optional eight channel analog input board (AIB-8) the D32XD can reach its full potential of 16 inputs. The optional analog compressor board (ACB-8) provides the same high quality compression to these extra inputs. For added convenience, the front panel offers a dedicated guitar input.

Specifications subject to change without notice

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