Rack and Cloth Cider Press, apple, fruit press 5 ton pressure, yields 25+ litres!

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For sale is my very own design of cider press.

This is my MKIII, pretty well considered since last year, and ready for sale, albeit a bit late. This season it will be offered locally at a very reasonable £495.

First some stats;

The press stands 1940mm or about 6' 4" tall and has a square footprint 850mm or about 2' 10"

It can be constructed and ready to start loading for a press within a couple of minutes.

Designed to press 25 litres minimum, to ensure it fills a brew bucket on every single pressing. You can complete a pressing inside half an hour and if you're quick, 20 minutes. That means you can produce between 700 and 1000 pints of juice per working day!

Made from strength graded, hand selected timber. It has a stainless steel collection tray, brass outlet and is provided with 2 metres of poly pipe for all your filling/siphoning needs.

This design doesn't rely on bolts for strength like a lot of cheaply made presses you may have seen. Instead, to resist the force required to press the juice this press uses bonded blocks to resist tension, a far more reliable and much stronger method. The oak pegs merely hold the press together when not pressing juice.
It also utilises racks made from food safe virgin plastic to separate the cheese. These primarily help the juice to easily escape from the centre of the cheese and also to stabilise the stack.

The press consists of the following;

Two uprights with bonded force blocks
Top cross member with machined steel force plate with bottle jack recess
Bottom cross member with support plate
Two feet
Stainless steel tray
Brass outlet with hose tail and sealing washers
2 metres of poly pipe
Compression plate and oak spacing block
5 food safe virgin plastic rack plates
4 metres of cotton scrim (material for cheeses) *
Oak former frame
5 oak pegs, 4 for connections and 1 to remove the rest.

* black material was used in the photograph to show the structure of the cheese more clearly - actual material supplied is cream coloured with an open weave.

Please note: this press does not come with the jack. It is designed for a Sealey SJ5 bottle jack. Due to the geometry of the frame and the machined recess in the force plate this is the only jack I recommend is used. I will not be offering to supply the jack as it makes more sense for you to have the warranty for the jack in your own name.

Please call for viewings or purchase.
Sy5 area.

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