Poseidon BeSea W100 Wing BCD Advanced Harness & quick release Weight pockets - cost almost £600 new

Derby £175.00
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927 days ago


Poseidon BeSea W100 Wing BCD Advanced Harness & quick release Weight pockets

This cost almost £600 new and they still go for around this without the weight pockets.

This is the better wing (better than then more commonly found W50) and advanced harness. I believe you can also get it configured to support double tanks as well as single tanks.

It also comes with quick release weight pockets which many used BCDs don't come with. These weight pockets clip on the side and have a quick release to pull them off.

A good description from the web:-
The W100 is a single bladder tech-wing purpose-designed for divers who need to carry more equipment than normal sport-divers and has a wide displayed wing contour to optimise the space between the wing legs, for double tanks. ClamRetract™ gives superior deflation capabilities and greater volume increases. Three dump valves and an inflator with a stainless steel mechanism controls inflation and deflation reliably and safely, whilst the bladder design compensates for the weight of the tank when submersed and gives you total freedom of movement. The narrow air passage behind the neck does not to push the head forward or conflict with regulator and hoses when inflated. Another example of superb, Poseidon ergonomics. The W100 is made for equipment with a negative weight in water that does not exceed 32 kgs (70,5 lbs) and has a lifting capacity of 353 N. The standard tank attachment system is a double Non-flex tankband and this BESEA can be equipped with integrated weight pockets, accessory pockets, metal back plate, Q.M.R.-system™, Pinbolt kit and D-rings.

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