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Here we have my unwanted 15 years service Gift...I have opened it once to charge it then put it back in box... it's Brand New In Box ...It will make a perfect summer holiday gift for you or a loved one... it's For sale for £400 ono.. Rep £550....BARGAIN...
Brand New Panasonic HC-V720EB-K Full HD Camcorder 20.4MP 1080P 50x Zoom 3" LCD UK Model

100% Brand New Factory Sealed in Retail Box!

This product carries a full Manufacturers Warranty.

Panasonic HC-V720 HD Camcorder--Wi-Fi Enabled with 50x Intelligent Zoom

Boasting a newly developed High Sensitivity Sensor, the HC- V720 captures stunning images even in dim light situations. Also featuring a 28mm wide angle lens, 50x Intelligent Zoom and built in Wi-Fi – this stylish camcorder is packed with the very latest technology.

New High Resolution, High Sensitivity 1MOS 1/2.3" (4.14M) Sensor

The V720 incorporates the same size sensor that is used in many digital still cameras. And with twice as many pixels as is found on Full HD TVs, you can be assured that stunning picture performance is always on hand.

Built in Wi-Fi with NFC for Easy Set-up and Sharing

Amazing new wireless functionality is now possible with this Camcorder. Features like: Remote Monitor and Shooting, Remote Browsing & Playback and Remote Sharing. Additional NFC (Near Field Communication) capability built in to this model utilises the latest smart communication technology. NFC compatible products can share or be ready to share data just by touching the two devices or bringing them close together.
Live Stream HD Recordings using USTREAM App

This camcorder is compatible with USTREAM Live Streaming, which means that during recording in HD you can wirelessly stream the video to USTREAM. Any one that has access to the USTREAM App on their Smart TV, Computer or Smartphone can then watch your live broadcast. This is great for family events when other members of the family cannot be there in person but can enjoy it on their compatible device.

Control remotely from Smartphone or Tablet device. Click for larger image

Remote Monitoring & Shooting Control with Smartphone

Using the "Peer to Peer" or Wi-Fi function in the camcorder, the picture and sound can be monitored externally and controlled remotely by the connected smart device.

Remote Browsing & Streaming Playback via DLNA

If you have a compatible DLNA equipped smart TV or handheld device, you can browse and view your recordings directly over your wireless network. This means you no longer need to connect the camcorder to the TV with the AV cable or even take out the SD card and insert it in the TV. Just sit back with the family and enjoy the results of your video handy work wirelessly.

Remote Sharing - Social Network Site (SNS) Video Upload
Not only can you enjoy videos and still pictures remotely on your Smartphone, but you can also upload the content directly to your favourite Social Network sites like YouTube and Facebook. Now it's even easier to share your movies or photos with friends on your social network.

WIDE 28.0 mm (F1.8) Panasonic Lens

Sometimes you want to video wide vistas or just fit a large group of people into the shot. This is where the 28mm equivalent wide angle lens on board this camera comes into its own. Its wide angle of view allows more of your subject into the picture, which is great for videoing indoors or when you are limited for space and can't step back far enough to fit everything in. Also the very large F1.8 aperture means you can still shoot even when the light is fading.

x50 Intelligent-zoom (Optical x21)

The V720 doesn't just offer a large optical zoom, it also features a powerful "Intelligent Zoom", a clever combination of optical and digital technology to get you even closer to your subject. The powerful image processing of the HD Crystal engine means that a high quality image can be created from the telephoto lens that is equivalent to an incredible 50x magnification (more than double the optical zoom limit).

3.0" Touch Panel 460K pixels LCD Screen

The easy-to-view 7.5 cm/3.0" wide LCD screen allows intuitive fingertip touch-operation. When shooting, you can use Touch Zoom to instantly zoom in and out by simply touching your fingertips, and Touch Shutter to automatically focus when shooting still images by simply touching the subject on the screen. For playback, you can also change thumbnail pages by sliding a fingertip across the screen. You get smooth, intuitive operation and don't have to take your eyes off of the LCD screen
A new feature for 2013 models is the "Level Shot" correction function. If you inadvertently shoot a video when the camera is not level, the unit will detect the tilt and an internal correction is made to the image that means the recording is made level.

Hybrid O.I.S. thoroughly suppresses blurring caused my several types of movement. Click for larger image

5-axis Hybrid+ Power O.I.S.

HYBRID O.I.S. Plus uses five-axis correction to thoroughly suppress blurring caused by camera shake, all the way from wide-angle to powerful zoom shots. It's also very effective when shooting while walking. This lets the user capture crisp, clear images, without blurring, in almost every shooting situation.

1080/50p AVCHD Progressive Video Recording

1080/50p recording (Full-HD 1920 x 1080, 50 progressive recording) at a 28-Mbps bit rate conveys about twice the information of 1080i (interlace) recording to produce ultimately beautiful image quality. It minimises afterimages and flickering caused by subject motion, and renders crisp, detailed images with smooth-looking motion even when shooting a fast-moving subject in a sports event.

iFrame Recording Mode for Compatibility with Apple Macintosh Software

iFrame is a recording format suitable for viewing or editing on Mac (iMovie’11). Using iMovie’11, iFrame motion pictures can be imported faster than AVCHD motion pictures. Also, the imported file size of iFrame motion pictures will be smaller than that of AVCHD motion pictures.

iA+Auto Shooting Mode

iA Plus allows an element of fine tuning to the colour and brightness settings allowing you to easily experiment with the overall look of the shot before you take the picture.

Highlight Playback & Saving
The Advanced Highlight Playback function is designed for users who want to view recorded images as quickly as possible. It detects zooming, panning, scene changes, faces, etc., in recorded images as "highlights" by using the Intelligent Index System. In addition to these automatically selected scenes, the user can add others as desired. Then, it automatically plays back the detected highlight scenes according to a set time interval and saves them.

Shoot with creative video effects. Click for larger image

Creative Control for Adding Video Effects

You can shoot with any of the four interesting video effects to give an authentic look to your videos. These effects are available during record mode: Miniature, 8mm Retro Movie, Silent Retro Movie and Interval (Time-lapse) record.

20.4MP Still Picture Capture Mode

Digital Still pictures can be taken with this camcorder in three aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3 and 3:2. Depending on the aspect ratio chosen, images with a resolution up to a staggering 20.4 mega pixels can be taken. This is very useful as it means the camcorder can be used to take photos when you do not have a Digital Still Camera available.

5.1 Channel Zoom, Gun Mic & New Wind Canceller

Five microphones are used to capture sound from all directions. When played back through a 5.1 channel sound system you can enjoy realistic surround sound effects. The Zoom Mic option allows the directionality of the microphone to zoom in conjunction with the telephoto zoom. And a new wind canceller reduces the wind noise coming into the built-in microphones while maintaining a realistic sound.
The V720 offers an input for an optional stereo microphone which is a great way of maximising the sound recording quality of this camera..

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