P.A. Powered mixer WharfedalePRO BX1060SD. AS NEW!

liss £200.00
1236 days ago


This is 300watts a side but definately seems louder to me. New condition as its spent it's life in a cover. I have had this as a spare, but my main system was a Dynacord powermate 1000 and they never go wrong so this wharfedale has been used for less than a couple of dozen times in the last couple of months as I sold my dynacord .
I was suprised how good it was. Has twin eq sliders, effects and plenty of knobs to play with. Has a handy input called " hi-Z 2 which is for plugging a guitar or other low impediance instrument in . I use it for guitar and get a better sound than normal pa,s give. I use it if I'm at a small venue.
The speaker outlets take speakon fittings. It will be supplied in it's original box . I dont mind setting it up so the buyer can hear it before placing their cash in my grubby hand. I honestly think this is a very good mixer for the money. I am now thinning out my equipment and selling off lots of goodies which also includes all my Hz pa speakers two tops and two subs . I will do a deal for all of p.a. including all leads and covers for speakers.

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