New Windows 7 Samsung RV511 Laptop Boxed With Manuals Charger
£350 London

079494565220794945xxxx Reveal number
I have a brand new Samsung RV511 Laptop that has been taken out of the box to be tested out it has top of the range specifications and is extremely fast, with 2.3 GHz speed Intel Pentium processor it also comes with 4GB Ram so switching from multiple applications that are running at the same time is quicker with no waiting time.

500 GB hard drive to store all your movies, pictures and music. You can also view the pictures and videos with HDMI cable as there is a HDMI port.

Built in WIFI so you can connect to the internet anywhere at home or WIFI hots pots. Built in webcam for Skype ect. and finally a DVD writer to write and play DVDs.

-Intel Pentium 2.3 GHz
-4 GB Ram
-500 GB Hard drive
-Genuine Windows 7
-Built in webcam
-DVD writer
079494565220794945xxxx Reveal number

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