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The Super R/C LAND + SEA Amphibious Tank!! Extremely Power Shooting! Fast Moving on LAND and WATER! This rechargeable R/C amphibious tank can TRANSFORM between TANK and SHIP in second! Also, the Powerful Cannon can shoot as far as 20 Meters. 20 Meters! That is almost 60 feet!

While working on rough ground, like grassplot, sand, and carpet, the 4x4 precision-grip wheels can move extremely fast in ANY DIRECTIONS on all terrain. When run this water resistant tank into the water, you can transform into ship within several seconds. It comes with flashing LEDs indication light which let you run it in the dim/dark environment. What's more, this tank can be a Coke Can Caddy in the beach! You may never experience such Crazy R/C Tank before! You Would Know the Huge Fun of this Tank!!

Bullets fire up to 15 metres. ( not shooting water )

Sizes ( Approx. ) : 24.5 (L) x 19.5 (H) x 15.5 ( W) cm

Perfect play in ponds, rivers, lakes ( not in sea ).
•Operable on land and on water.
•Remote control fold-away wheels.
•Flashing lights.
•4 wheel drives, left/right, forward/backward, stop.
•Amphibious tanks
•Bullets included.
•Re-chargeable battery for tank and battery for controller included !
•Charging time: 4 hours , playing time ( Approx. ) 20 minutes.

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