National Redwood Beehive Assembled Complete with Frames and Foundation

Caledon £225.00
1086 days ago


Newly Manufactured
Irish Hand Crafted Redwood National Beehive Complete with Frames and Foundation
This Beautifully Built Hand Crafted National Beehive is made from Red Wood. It is Fully Assembled and Includes the following:
1 - Stand
1 - Varroa Base with Pull Out Inspection Tray
1 - Brood Box with 11 DN4 Built Hoffman Frames
2 - Super Box with 22 SN4 Built Hoffman Frames
1 - See Through Crown Board - Look at your bees working without disturbing them
1 - Gable Felted Roof - This High Pitched Roof allows for Plastic Feeder
Felt attracts heat during early spring which encourages Queen to lay building up numbers of brood.

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