MTO-11C A MC 1000mm F10
£270 Kingston, London

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

This is a M42 screw mount lens, this can be attached to any modern day camera.

There are plenty of adapters you can get from ebay that will make this workon Canon,Nikon,Sony and many others.

The lens comes with a box three filters and it is in good condition. The lens itself is a mirror lens (catadioptric) which is a mixture of mirrors and lenses to give high magnification lens.

The aperture is fixed at F10, but if you have got a digital camera you can change the ISO which would then enable you to change the shutter speed setttings.

With one or two of the pictures provided it is showing the lens with one of the adapters, the adapter is not being sold with the lens.

The adapter in question is the M42 to Canon EF mount adapter which mounts onto my canon 20D camera. I say this just show you that you can get these adapters with ease.

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