Mothercare Westbury Cot Bed Antique Pine + mattress

Wigston, Leicestershire £45.00
1123 days ago


this is absolutely fantastic cot for your little one

due to a timewaster I'm putting it here again...please only people that I interested...

I used it since my little boy was 6 moths and would have used it even more now that he is 2, but I was given a single bed and just moved into a new house so I thought I might as well start him on his proper bed...

but I have use it in all three positions and it really is a good sturdy cot bed

I've never used it as a bed but as we took it apart I could see how easily you can redo it into a bed

there is a link to mothercare website so you can see for yourself...

you can pull one of the sides down as well and it has those teether plastic protecting things on top of those rails

I'm also giving the mattress that goes with it, you might like it you might not, let me know, it is just over a year and a half old, I have the protecting cover for it as well, I think that you can even take the first layer of the mat. off and wash it, they are both in a good condition, I look after it well, it cost a fortune as new thing so grab yourself a bargain

you are more than welcome to have a look at it before making up your mind!

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