Monster MP HTS950 UK Home Theater PowerCenter HTS 950 with Clean Power Stage 1

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BARGIN. Having a clear out hardly been used. THIS IS A MUST IF YOU WANT YOUR TV EQUIPMENT PROTECTED PLUS LOTS MORE. Monster MP HTS950 UK Home Theater PowerCenter HTS 950 with Clean Power Stage 1.
PLUS two pairs of coaxial connections,

AV 600
AV 700
AV 800
HTS 850
HTS 950
HDP 850G

Number of Outlets: 6 8 8 8 8 8
Joule Rating: 555 1295 1480 2590 2225 2160
Network Protection:
Coax Protection:
Phone Line Protection:
Stage 1 Clean Power:
Green Power:

The Monster HTS 950 Home Theatre PowerCenter delivers comprehensive surge protection for your home theater system with patented Tri-Mode disconnect circuitry. It also has Clean Power Stage 1 AC powerline noise filtering for Better Picture and Sound. The HTS 950 features eight isolated AC outlets, two pairs of coaxial connections, and two phone/network connections to filter and protect all of your home theater equipment. The HTS 950 Features Patented Clean Power Stage 1, for Better Picture & SoundTMMonster Clean Power Circuitry Stage 1 filters provide excellent AC power line noise rejection and isolation of audio and video equipment for component-generated noise rejection. When you connect your home theater components to a Monster HTS 950 PowerCenter you'll get the best possible picture and sound from your AV components with a more natural sound, increased dynamic range, and the most vivid video images possible. Prevent Thousands of POUNDS' Worth of Potential Damage to Your Sensitive Electronics from AC Electrical Surges and SpikesThe Monster Power HTS 950 Excels in Safety and Protection Sensitive electronics in your home theater components can be easily damaged from the surges, dips and spikes common with AC power today. The problem is even worse if you live in an area plagued by lightning or power blackouts. Extremely high voltages can travel through the power line, seriously damaging or even destroying your components. The Monster HTS 950 features a high surg

Dimensions: 2.44" H x 3.94" W x 17.05" L; weight: 4.24 lbs.
Monster Clean Power? Stage 1 dramatically reduces electronic noise for Better Picture and Sound?
Tri-Mode? power protection circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect
Provides over 2775 Joules of absorption capacity for excellent protection
8 isolated, filtered, surge protected AC power outlets for AV component hookup
PLUS two pairs of coaxial connections, SORRY NO BOX & COMES FROM A PET FREE HOME.

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