MINT COND Doepfer MAQ 16/3 BLUE LED Analogue Sequencer MIDI/CV
£525 Northwest/central/east, London

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

RARE Doepfer MAQ 16/3 with BLUE LED Analogue MIDI/CV Sequencer IN MINT CONDITION - Original box, PSU, and sales receipt - in warranty until July 2012.

For sale at £525 or please contact with offers of trades/swaps with other equipment.

I live in NW London, but work in East London, so can meet in either areas or in the centre of town.

Recently bought a master keyboard with extensive sequencing facilities, so my beloved Blue LED version MAQ 16/3 is now up for sale as I can't justify having both. Note: The Blue LED versions are no longer in production, so this is a rare opportunity.

I have added a standard web photo of the unit for now, but can provide a picture of the actual unit for sale, upon request.

You might think you know what the MAQ 16/3 is all about, but it's not until you get your hands on one that you get a feel for how expressive, creative and mind bending they can be.

3 independent 16 step sequencers, running in different timings but still locked/quantized, controlling say a) note on/off trigger, b) filter cutoff (or any MIDI parameter you might like), and maybe c) a dynamic envelope - all hands-on in a 4U rack/desktop unit that also provides CV control for your analogue synths. Amazing bit of kit.

Seriously fascinating stuff - trigger synths and drum machines in new ways, creating unique rhythms and sounds.


The MAQ combines the creative potential of an analog sequencer with the advantages of MIDI. MAQ16/3 outputs the sequencing data both as control voltages (CV) and as MIDI events. MIDI Out of the MAQ may be connected to MIDI In of any sound generating MIDI device (Expander, Sampler, Synthesizer) or to a sequencer recording the MAQ data. Additionally 3 Control Voltage and Gate outputs are available for controlling vintage synthesizer equipment (e.g. the A-100 Analog Modular System). The main feature of the MAQ is the real time access to the sequence via 48 rotary potentiometers grouped in 3 rows of 16 dials each. All important parameters like first/last step, MIDI event type, MIDI channel, forward/backward/random/pendulum mode, gate time, tempo and so on are independently assigned to each row and can be changed in real time while the sequence is running. This enables very complex sequences. The rows may not only be used for generating note events but also other important MIDI events or for controlling the length of time for each step. The MAQ allows the synchronisation via MIDI Clock, Start and Stop either as master or as slave.

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