Meridian 565 Z3 DSP & Pre-amp - Music Surround & Dolby 7.1 & High-end Audio

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26 days ago


This Boothroyd Stuart Meridian 565z3 DSP Controler was bought new by me, has been well cared for and is in near mint condition. As well as being a superb surround controller, it makes a pretty good digital pre-amp as well.

The Meridian System Remote (MSR) is included and can be used to control other 500 series units and Meridian digital loudspeakers. (An iPad app is now available (virtualMSR v2.1) used with an RS232 interface unit, details available from the virtualmsr site.)

I've had the 565 for such a long time because it sounds so good. A repair and service was carried out in 2011 by Meridian. New, this unit cost about £2,500. The 565 has the classic Meridian 500 series black glass inset top plate and the electronics are of the very highest standard, typical of Meridian.

The 565 is easy to configure to whatever system you have already.

I will consider any reasonable offers.

Processing includes:

Dolby Surround
- THX Cinema 5.1 / 7.1/ Digital (AC-3) THX 5.1 / 7.1
- Pro Logic (N.b. Pro Logic and all other processing & decoding is done by the 565 entirely in the digital domain)

Meridian's own specific modes
- Music (For stereo made with relatively purist recording methods giving a natural perspective )
- Trifield (For stereo and some TV broadcasts, giving a more stable and focused front image than stereo). This uses three loudspeakers across the front and allows the left and right ones to be spread at over 90 degrees apart without a hole-in-the-middle effect.

- TV Logic (based on Dolby, for some TV studio material)
- MuLogic (based on Dolby, for some stereo material)
- Academy (Lucasfilm Ltd recommended for old mono movies)

Other decode modes
- Ambisonic UHJ (Specific ambisonically recorded material, usually marked 'stereo/UHJ encoded')*. Ambisonic gives true 360 degree surround using 4 to 7 loudspeakers.
- Superstereo (Used for stereo material. Based upon ambisonic, giving added frontal stability and a more natural frequency vs. direction response than stereo plus the ability to smoothly wrap the sound stage all the way around if you wish). This option uses from 4 to 7 loudspeakers.
- Stereo (As you would expect but with the subwoofer)
- Mono
- Bypass - no processing and no subwoofer

*Available from sources such as Nimbus Records, much or all of the output of which is Ambisonic UHJ, and York Ambisonic. UHJ is a 360 degree surround method that gives true continuous surround at the listening position. I am happy to explain further if you wish.

The 565 can store up to 16 user defined presets based upon its inbuilt ones and these can be assigned to different input sources.

One line level (analogue, 2V RMS) input, one digital coaxial, one S/PDIF optical (bitstream) and a digital coaxial bypass plus Composite Video in/out. Combination with a 562 or 562V unit will expand the analogue to digital conversion connections available. Note - this unit was in production some time before HDMI so please be aware that it does not have this. (HDMI connectivity can be added with the Meridian HD621 or similar.)

Up to 7.1 loudspeaker analog & digital channels. A large number of different loudspeaker layouts can be handled. Digital output adjustable between 16 and 22 bit. The analogue outputs can be used with any analogue amplifiers and loudspeakers of your choice.
The digital coaxial outputs are specifically intended for use with digital loudspeakers, but you could use these outputs for further processing.

Meridian's S-Lead and Comms connector sockets are for use with other Meridian units. Extra leads for these connections are available from Meridian.

Digital input & output are up to 22 bit. Processing precision is 24 bit and 48 bit. DAC using eight 18-bit Delta-Sigma converters.

The 565 can be used as a stand-alone pre-amp. It has digital adjustments for frequency balance (bass and slope) that are entirely phase linear and therefore do not cause signal phase shifts when used, unlike similar analogue adjustments.

The original and up-versioned (Z3) handbooks supplied contain a whole lot more information and I will try to answer any question. Firmware v3.8 AC-3

Personal pick-up from Brighton (Preston Park) and cash payment only, please. I will not use Paypal.

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