MAXXUS Vibration Plate CVX8 (Power plate)

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This Vibration plate was purchased in Germany and if you google the model then you will see that these are purchased new for over 2000 euro.

I have translated details and specifications below:

MAXXUS Vibration Plate CVX 8

The Maxxus ® Vibration Plate CVX8 produced powerful three dimensional vibrations to 3.000/Minute

The frequency range extends over a range of 15-50Hz. Thus both extreme strength exercises to build muscle and gentle massage for relaxation are possible.

Stroke adjustment by pushing a button on 1-2mm (low) or 3-4mm (high) for various intensities.

Additional mounting options of exercise bands for even more exercise variety.

The engine is decoupled from the frame swinging freely stored and steamed perfectly.

The function and the handling were designed according to the latest ergonomic principles.

unique design and a modern look combined with modern components the CVX8 make one of the best vibration machines.


Color: Black / white middle section (also available in white!)
Motor: AC motor with 200W *
Drive System: Direct Drive frequency 15-50HZ
Size of the training platform: 715mm x 480mm
Assembly size: 800 x 770 x 1500mm (LxWxH)
Total weight: 46 kg
Console: LED display with 3 windows
Training programs: 18
User programs: 3
Quick Keys 25Hz, 35Hz, 45Hz
Stroke: Low 1-2mm, 3-4mm high
Remote control: f coach removable
Fitness Bands: m 2 pieces. Velcro fastener
Lateral attachment points 2, 2 front
Material (Housing): Fiberglass, plastic
Certification: CE & RoHS
Maximum user weight: 180kg
Commercial use: Yes (registration required)

The following was translated from www. vibrationplate .de
Vibration plates, there are many!
But finding a suitable vibration device is still difficult. From the outside, the equipment offered are very similar, the basic functionality has also enforced. So what is the difference with the units?

Whenever an innovative fitness product on the market, this will be quickly copied. Mostly this happens with compromises in quality and performance. The know-how of the original production, however, remains, for cost reasons, often outside.

Anyone who has already purchased a cheap vibration plate knows, the problems that occur when using. Except for a dizziness in the head, often nothing happens. A professional Vibration Plate, Vibration Plate as the Maxxus CVX8, CVX9 or CVX10 enables a workout in the studio. "It's only at home" does not count in device selection! Savings made ​​here, it should be me! Unless you're looking only for a cheap massage device.

One should not be misled by advertising promises. A decent product usually has a good brand name. In Maxxus is a brand that stands for quality for many years in the fitness equipment area. Man knows his stuff when Maxxus.

The Vibration Plate Maxxus CVX8, CVX9 and CVX10 are shared studios for products and practices that at home for classes, personal training and for effective training, are ideal.

A muscle building workout for the entire body, can be carried out effectively with a Vibration Plate Maxxus CVX8, CVX9 and CVX10. The vibrations of up to 60 Hz and is adjustable with a variable stroke. In the vibration plate falls Maxxus good damping on the underground. Conventional vibration plates roar often very strong and the vibrations transmitted unfiltered to the ground, what annoys the neighbors. The Maxxus Vibration Plate is however quieter, which is also due to the excellent driving motor. Below 10% of the vibrations to the substrate are conducted when the 12mm thick Maxxus floor mats as additional damping is used.

The Vibration plate has some cosmetic scrapes however nothing that affects its function.
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