Marshall TSL 60 JCM 2000 Valve Amplifier Amp Head

Chrishall £425.00
1017 days ago


Regrettably I am selling my beloved Marshall TSL 60 head.

The only reasons for me doing so is moving to University and not really needing the power any more, further more I am also struggling to find room to keep all my gear in tiny halls of residence accommodation! And secondly to fund a new car.

I still have the original box with the price sticker on it for which I paid £625 when I bought the amp new, and it has never missed a beat since. Prices have also soared up to over £700 for this head on most websites now.

It sounds fantastic when you really crank it, and being the 60Watt version you can crank it up and get that saturated sound at lower volumes compared to the 100Watt head. It has had the valves changed and been correctly re-biased many times in its life, and it will be sold with a solid, reliable, good sounding set of valves, most probably 'Winged C' EL34s.

The amplifier is in immaculate condition as I look after and cherish all my gear. There are however one or two tiny marks to the tolex, these can be seen in the photo graphs, but the general condition can be described as 'mint'.

Included in the sale is the 5 way metal footswitch which is also in excellent condition, this switches between clean, crunch and lead channels, controls the reverb, and the FX loop. (And obviously the kettle power lead).

I would just like to remind all of you viewing this advert that I love all my gear, and look after it very well. I am sad to be selling this, but it seems the logical thing to do now, I will therefore not except silly offers as I'm in no hurry for it to go, I will wait until the right buyer comes along if I need to.

I also have for sale an Orange PPC412 Cabinet and a Bugera 333XL amplifier head!

Many thanks for reading.

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