Lilliput inset multi-fuel stove. (hard fuel/log burner) a fireplace

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734 days ago


Hi guys
I have bought this lovely Lilliput inset multi-fuel stove. Designed to slot into a British standard size opening of 16 or 18" wide x 22" high. (See diagram showing full dimensions.)
But when I was ready to install it, the fireplace guy has told me that my house/chimney is not suitable for a real fire place (only for a gas fire)
It was too late for me to return it so you can have if you want to for a bit less than I paid. It was unpacked but never used. Perfect condition. A bit heavy but not too bad for two strong women to lift.
It has a register/closure plate and 45° elbow that was paid additionally for but you can have the whole set.
Additional information:
Best installed with a register plate in the chimney and a 45° enamel bend - this then creates a large warm air convection chamber behind the stove. The warm air created here is then pushed into the room helping to distribute the heat throughout the room/home most efficiently. See installation diagram. The fitting kit includes the 45° bend plus register plate kit with brackets.

Constructed from solid cast iron, using freshly mined Australian iron ore.

Fully controllable with normal output up to 4.5kW, this stove is capable of heating 2-3 normal sized rooms.

Solid cast iron inner lining plates for longevity, will not crumble like the old type cheaper firebricks.

Tested to exceed the latest European test standards for stoves, EN13240, CE compliant for use in any European country.

Heat output: 4.5 kW
Height: 600mm (see diagram)
Width: 500mm (see diagram)
Depth: 307mm (see diagram)
Approx weight: 60kg
Flue Size: 5" / 125mm
Efficiency - 70%

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