Let iphone4s be cheaper, 20% Vodafone contrast off, only charge 20 pounds

west london £20.00
1162 days ago


I have Vodafone company’s discount code, you can get 20% off on your contrast(let’s say original price is 45 pounds per month for iphone4s. After provided discount, the final price would be 36 pounds.(therefore, you can save 9pounds a month, which means two year’s contrast can be saved 216pounds ), but you need to go to the Vodafone branch, which is in the central line, shepherd’s bush station in second zone inside westfield shopping center.
Not cheating, as you only give money after you get the contrast done (Vodafone company will not cheat you, right ??)

Please make sure you have enough credit score in your bank card, before you come along, otherwise just waste time.

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