Dereham, Norfolk £545.00
875 days ago


22 string lap harp, Stoney End 'Eve', handcrafted in USA, Gothic style, in walnut. Lowest note G below Middle C
Sharping levers on Fs and Cs. Very good tone and accurate levers. High quality harp in very good condition.
Detail of makers......Stoney End Harps
Price NEW £749

Included in sale...strong red-lined, black padded canvas carrying case, tuning key and small rubber mat to stop harp from slipping off knees....also Sylvia Wood's 'Teach Yourself to play the Folk Harp' I like to play this harp on a small folding stool between my knees.

Asking price.......£545 (open to offers) Shipping and insurance £20

This is NOT one of the cheap rosewood harps, which are sometimes difficult to keep in tune and whose levers are very often inaccurate.

To hear this harp played on Youtube, just plumb in 'Stoney End Eve', 'the Nightingale', 'strawrawraw'
There are several videos of the Eve

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