Laney PL100 Reverb 100W Guitar Amplifier Head and Vox Combo Keyboard Amp as Speaker Cab.
£100 Meadows, Edinburgh

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

£100 for both; or if you only want one of them, £50 for the Laney head or £70 for the Vox Combo.

Vox amp can be used on it's own as a Keyboard amp or PA, but makes a great speaker cab for the laney head.

Footswitch and footswitch cable included with the Laney head.

For sale: Laney PL100 Reverb Pro-Linebacker 100W Guitar Amp Head and Vox Venue 100W Combo Keyboard amp.

Hear/see them in action via the youtube link in the video tab.

Also search the following on youtube:

Pepperell Music Center Demo: Laney Pro-Linebacker

The resulting clip puts my noodling to shame.
(Gumtree won't let me post another youtube link without paying for it, so I can only direct you with search terms.)

The Laney is a terrific 2 channel solid state head with lovely tone and a heap of gain on offer if metal is your thing; and clean tones from warm to cutting. it's in excellent condition. It has an excellent reverb, an effects loop, headphones out, DI out. Extremely comprehensive tone controls.

The Vox is 80s Vintage with 3 channels, reverb, effects loop, headphone out. 15 inch speaker and high frequency horn, tremendous bass and treble on offer. A few scuffs but in excellent working order.

A bargain price for these 2. Get yourself some extremely well made, powerful amps for next to nothing.

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