Korg ZERO 4 DJ Mixer / MIDI Controller

Fallowfield, Manchester £700.00
868 days ago


£700 (or nearest offer) KORG ZERO 4 Dj Mixer / MIDI Controller

Selling to make room for more hardware.
This has served me well - especially learning + getting to grips with ableton
an excellent piece of kit as it combines audio with midi.


The Korg Zero4 mixer is a new concept for DJ´s producers and live performers. With full midi control, streaming audio through firewire and fully assignable effects.

The Zero4 allows you use the channel faders and eqs to control the audio at the same time as the midi signal.

The Korg Zero 4 is a digital mixer, audio I/O, MIDI controller, and effect processor all in a single unit. Each channel can be switched between sources such as a turntable, CD player, microphone, computer, instrument, MIDI controller, or MIDI controller + audio to implement a sophisticated live mixing setup with the simplicity of a FireWire connection. This gives you an incredibly powerful and flexible tool designed specifically for live performance and remix production.

You can also bid on ebay starting at £500

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