£60 West End, Glasgow

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Please note the cables and user manual are not included. The power lead required is easily obtainable DC9V

The unit was services a few years ago and is in perfect working order!

Product Information:

Korg ER-1 - The Korg Electribe ER-1 is an analog modeling drum synthesizer that combines great sounds, fantastic flexibility and hands-on control. The ER-1 is part of the first generation series of Electribes. This include the Electribe ER-1 Electribes is programmed by pressing a step in a sequence and assigning it a value, or by putting it into loop mode and playing and tweaking a rhythm or melody until you get it the way you want it.

The ER-1 is one of the stronger of the Electribes. It provide ten possible rhythm parts; four analog modeled voices, two audio-in parts, 2 hi-hat parts, and crash and clap parts

The analog-modeled sounds, are very flexible. Each voice can be edited to create bass drum sounds, toms, noise snares and more. You can even program simple bass and synth sounds, though, because the ER-1 is designed to be a percussion synth, programming melodies on it can be a chore.

ER-1 synth voices are fun to tweak, you can create token analog sounds, but also weird new sounds that seem to be a side-effect of trying to make a digital synth sound analog.

The audio-in parts are especially welcome, because they have become a rarity on modern equipment, but provide a great deal of power. Plug a cheap synth into one of the audio ins, program a rhythm for the audio part. Then play some chords on the synth, and the ER-1 will rhythmically gate the chords, making even a cheap synth sound very cool. Once you've programmed the sounds you want, you can create arrange the sounds in a mix. Each sound can be panned, and its level can be set as needed.

Once you've got everything tweaked, you can create patterns, and then arrange them into songs. One appealing feature of the Electribes is that you can combine

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