Kenwood Rotary Ironing Machine

Prestwich £10.00
1023 days ago


Kenwood Rotary Ironing Machine
Model: A851
Serial: 110444
Heater: 1450w
Motor: 50w


The cord was cut approx 6 months ago and was meant to be replaced but due to circumstances it didn't happen.

The iron cord has the 3 wires Live, Earth & Neutral. I attached a temporary cord to it but on to the live and neutral wire ONLY. The lights came on, once the pedal is pushed it makes a noise and the metal bit heats up. But the actual roller does not turn. I don't know whether it needs some kind of adjustment or whether it's because of the missing wire or due to it being faulty. So PLEASE bare this in mind. Thank You.

Pick up from M25 Area (Prestwich)... collect today is at all possible.

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