Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes programme, rapid weight loss!
£99 Bolton

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The Juice Plus detox & weight loss plan is over 4months, you have 2 of the fruit&veg shakes a day, one for breakfast & one for dinner & then a clean healthy evening meal. The shakes can be mixed with fresh water, milk, fruit, veg, yoghurt etc.

The first 6 weeks is when you see the biggest amount of the weight come off. It improves skin, hair, nails etc & you will also notice a big difference in how you feel in general.

The 4 month diet/detox and costs £99 for all the shakes (which you receive at the start, 7-10 days delivery) or you can pay over the 4 months by installments of £26, you still get all your shakes at the beginning which ever payment option you choose.

To order please use the link provided or email me and I'll be happy to assist.

Many thanks and good luck with your weight loss journey!

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