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Here we have a huge job lot of Yankee Candle accessories, glassware and ceramics. Most items are still in original packaging / polystrene packing. You get a good mix of large and small shades and plates for jar candles, tart warmers, votive holders, tea light holders etc. All 100% genuine yankee candle made. 1 lot only veing sold as business closed, I do not trade in these items. Once its gone its gone.

You get:

(The Yankee Candle Catalogue Code is also inlcuded where possible to aid identification)

12 x GWH500 White Tart Burners
6 x HWC601 Wheat Crackle Stem Glasses
8 x HDA500 Daffodils Tart Burner
4 x IUJ Union Jack Tart Burner
4 x HWC500 Wheat Crackle Tart Burner
9 x HTV600 Triple Votive Holder
8 x HRD700 BlueBirds Tea Light Lantern
12 x HEG700 Etched Leaves Large Tea Light Holder
2 x HRD100 Bluebirds Large Shade
2 x IUJ100 Union Jack Large Shade
2 x HWC800 Wheat Crackle Hurricane
2 x IEB800 Etched Butterflies Hurricane
2 x IUJ300 Union Jack Small Shade
2 x HEG300 Etched Leaves Small Shade
2 x HDA300 Daffodils Small Shade
6 x HRD801 Bluebirds Illumalid
6 x HGM600 Warm Glow Mosaic Votive Holder
2 x HGL300 Ripple Texture Glass Small Shade
2 x HWC300 Wheat Crackle Small Shade
6 x HBV600 Bucket Glass Votive Holder
2 x HGP300 Gold and Pearl Small Shade
2 x HGM300 Warm Gold Mosaic Small Shade
7 x HEG701 Etched Leaves Medium Tea Light Holder
2 x IVB300 Vintage Blue Floral Small Shade
6 x IUJ600 Union Jack Votive Holder
2 x IVB200 Vintage Blue Floral Large Plate
2 x HDA200 Daffoldils Large Plate
2 x HWC200 Wheat Crackle Large Plate
2 x IUJ200 Union Jack Large Plate
2 x HGL200 Clear Ripple Large Plate
2 x HRD200 Bluebirds Large Plate
2 x HGM200 Mosaic Large Plate
2 x HGP200 Mosaic Large Plate
2 x ILF400 Lavender Small Plate
2 x HWL400 Wheat Crackle Small Plate
2 x IVB400 Vinatge Blue Small Plate
2 x IUJ400 Union Jack Small Plate
2 x ISF400 Strawberry Fields Small Plate
2 x HDA400 Daffodils Small Plate
2 x HGM400 Mosaic Small Plate
2 x HGP400 Mosaic Small Plate
2 x HGL400 Clear Ripple Glass Small Plate
2 x HEG400 Etched Leaves Glass Small Plate
6 x HRD701 Bluebird Tealight Holder
2 x HDA100 Daffodils Large Shade
2 x HWC100 Wheat Crackle Large Shade
2 x HGP100 Gold and Pearl Large Shade
6 x HWC700 Wheat Crackle Tea Light Holders
1 x Mosaic Large Plate
1 x Mosaic Small Plate
2 x Frosted Snowflake Small Plates
6 x Bluebirds Jar Charm
6 x Bluebirds Candle Snuffer
3 x Frosted Snowflake Votive Holder
22 x Various Assorted Votive / Sampler Holders

buyer collects and pays cash on collection. This lot CANNOT be split, sold as one lot only please to clear. photo is for illustration only and shows that items are in original boxes. Amount of boxes will be less than is shown in the photo but full list of items with qtys is given above.

Please contact me on 07979 760998 or email aromastore (at) hotmail co uk


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