iPhone iPod iPad Keychain USB Portable Charger/Cable

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100% Brand New Generic USB Hotsync + Charging (2 in 1)

Cable is made of high-quality material that provides charging as well as hotsync capabilities.

Extremely light and durable for on the go use.

Package Includes:
1x USB Hotsync / Charging Key Chain

Compatible with the following Apple products:

....basically almost every iPod and iPhone models!!!

iPad/iPhone 4, iPod 3rd Gen 40GB, iPod Classic 160GB, iPod Classic 80GB, iPod 3rd Gen 30GB, iPod 4th Gen 20GB (Color Display), iPod 4th Gen 30GB (Color Display), iPod 4th Gen 60GB (Color Display), iPod Nano 1st Gen 1GB, iPod Nano 1st Gen 2GB, iPod Video 60GB, iPod 3rd Gen 15GB, iPod 4th Gen 40GB (Photo), iPod 4th Gen 60GB (Photo), iPod 4th Gen U2 Special Edition, iPod Mini 6GB, iPhone 1st Generation 16GB, iPhone 1st Generation 4GB, iPhone 1st Generation 8GB, iPhone 3G 16GB, iPhone 3G 8GB, iPod 3rd Gen 20GB, iPod 4th Gen 20GB, iPod 4th Gen 40GB, iPod Classic 120GB, iPod Mini 4GB, iPod Nano 1st Gen 4GB, iPod Nano 2nd Gen 2GB, iPod Nano 2nd Gen 4GB, iPod Nano 2nd Gen 8GB, iPod Nano 3rd Gen 4GB, iPod Nano 3rd Gen 8GB, iPod Nano 4th Gen 16GB, iPod Nano 4th Gen 8GB, iPod Touch 16GB, iPod Touch 32GB, iPod Touch 8GB, iPod Touch 2nd Gen 16GB, iPod Touch 2nd Gen 32GB, iPod Touch 2nd Gen 8GB, iPod Video 30GB, iPod Video 80GB

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