Immensely Powerful Computer / Gaming PC -Mint Condition / Never Used! -

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First off i'd like to make it aware, that this is a TOP end gaming PC. I'll keep it short and sweet, this is a Never before used custom built Rig.
It's able to do anything and everything at what i would call insane levels of speed and ease.
This is not one of those cheap Gaming PC's that where built with cheap parts to sell high, this is done correctly and quality is what is delivered, all 100% of it!

What are the specs?
- Intel SandyBridge i5 2500k Processor
- AMD Radeon HD 6850 GFX
- Corsair Vengence 8GB 1666 Mhz RAM
- Arctic 7 Heatsink & Fan CPU Freezer
- Western Digital Green 750GB HDD
- Sony DVD-RW Drive
- CiT Vantage Enhanced Airflow Gamers Case

If you don't know much about computers are just want to know what it can do? The Intel i5 2500k processor is year after year the #1 Gamers Processor in the market, matching the power of the i7 2600k, but producing much less amounts of power consumption. HD 6850, Is a Graphics card which is Highly recommended for all types of HIGH end Gaming, there is no Games currently released or planning to be released which can NOT be run by this graphics card in maximum settings. Want proof? Check the YouTube video in 1080p
With the toxic duo of the Arctic 7 Freezer & CiT's new Vantage gamer case, you can be sure your parts are being cooled at near sub-zero levels to ensure maximum efficiency and product lifetime.

So with this lethal mix of High end Parts, why would you opt for anything else? The Corsair Vengeance RAM is a set of the highest powering modules on the market, nothing can top their speeds, And what else is there to talk about? You've got a full 750GB of space to throw all your games, work and editing material + whatever else you'd like to keep your computer on, More than enough..

The pictures show all the parts, Before/During/After the build and, it was executed professionally and flawlessly.

With this product you also will recieve 6 Months consultation period, This means if you ever have a problem or would like to upgrade something, ECT. You can call me, and i will offer you top advise, help and the best and cheapest solutions possible to anything you could possibly throw at me.
(Not that this is implying anything is wrong with the PC itself!)

So what do you get free with this PC?
- x2 Power Lead for Moniter & PC
- Compaq Black sleeq Gaming Keyboard
- 720p 19" Monitor (Recommended to upgrade this)
- x1 USB Gaming Mouse
- x1 Ethernet cables

If you have questions feel free to contact me! im more than happy to awnser anything you have to ask!
Please though, no time wasting!

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