iBook G4 12" 800Mhz Laptop
£40 St James St, Brighton

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iBook G4, 12"display, with maximum resolution of 1024x768; CPU 800Mhz, Memory 640Mb RAM upgradeable to 1.12Ghz. Hard Drive 80Gb. Airport Extreme, two USB ports, Ethernet, Modem and Firewire ports. DVD reader, CD burner and american keyboard - same as british, but has $ symbol instead of £.
Bear in mind that this machine is quite old, if compared to today's standards. However, still a fully working machine. I was using it to surf the Internet, word processing, music and pictures editing and storing. I have some basic software installed on it, but I do have some more if required (data recovery, photoshop and so on).
I did remove the battery, since it was dead and I could not be bother to carry it around. So NO BATTERY. No best of machines for video streaming. Some websites work better than others - iPlayer is a no go area with this machine. The trackpad seems to behave erraticaly as well; it does work, but sometimes it gets temperamental so I just use an a mouse.
Other than that, a very well kept and loved machine, with plenty of life left in it.

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