Ibanez AR325 - Ibanez Artist Guitar
£350 Partick, Glasgow

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Ibanez AR325 Electric Guitar for sale. Solid body, twin pickups, mahogany with a stunning babinga top.

You probably know what this is if you are looking.

This guitar was a much anticipated 2012 re-issue of one of Ibanez's original design acclaimed Ibanez Artist. I just had to have one as an Ibanez Artist player of more than thirty years' standing. Could I get one in the UK - No - (they had all sold out) - so I imported one form Holland in September 2013.

This actual guitar was imported by me as I could not get one in the UK, paid a fortune for it to be couriered over to check it out.

I have played it regularly but only light use at home and in rehearsal. It is not going to replace my 36 year old original Ibanez Artist - so as I both need money for Christmas and the space I am reluctantly selling it onto perhaps another fan of Ibanez Artists.

Really very hot pickups in this one, solid top adds great sustain, tri-sound pickups (giving series / parallel and single coil) and on top of all of that - it is a real beauty - the top changes depending on the light and the angle at which you look at it. While if you are looking at this you probably know what it sounds like the AR325 has a full rich warm sound on the neck pickup with the tone turned right down - a real signature sound for these guitars and has a cutting stinging attack on the bridge pickup and everything in between. I did a review on a certain video channel that you can look at if you try.

Guitar is listed elsewhere - so PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER or act now - if you want this guitar. You can collect this guitar in person if you want to.

Thanks! And good luck!

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