htc hd2
£70 Ditton, Aylesford

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NEED TO SELL QUICKLY !!. i am selling this htc hd2 phone that i have only had for half as year. the reason why i am selling it is because i have an upgrade on a new phone. the phone is in verry good condition on the screen with only little scratches that you can only notice if you look carfully. the back of the phone where you take the battery out of is abit scratched, but is verry cheep to get a new one and it comes with a a flip up case that pertects the whole of the phone. this phone is unlocked to any network. this phone is good for apps, videos and films because of its massive hd screen. it also is verry good for music, making texts and phone calls are verry good recption. aswell as that the connection with wifi on this phone is outstanding and is verry quick on the internet. if you would want to buy this phone but do not have any way of getting down to my house, if you live in kent i can travel to your house for free of charge !!!
if you are intrested please email me back or text me on my mobile asap please !! but i will only accept text's, no calls please.
telephone number: 07594876418
thankyou !!!

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