HP Touchpad 32GB with BEATS AUDIO!

Toomebridge £200.00
1134 days ago


HP touchpad 32GB with webOS (standard OS) and android installed. This can be connected to the internet using WIFI and has a great range so you can use it nearly anywhere in the house. the 32GB of memory is more than plenty. The screen is fairly large and works really well for watching videos or looking at pictures. The beats audio is really great. The inbuilt speakers are pretty good, but to really make use of the beats audio, use earphone or headphones. It has a 1.2ghz processor with 1GB ram, which is as much as THE NEW ipad has. The battery life on this is simply astonishing. the official stats say its something like 4-5 hours, but there have been times when i have used it for 7-8 hours and left it with a good bit of charge on it. Included here is a rubber case which doubles as a stand and a screen protector when it isnt being used. This is a really good bit of kit, and if you were thinking of buying the new Ipad, save yourself ALOT of money and get this. you wont regret it! phone after 6.

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