Hitachi AX-M136i DAB FM CD MP3 IPOD Dock USB Micro Hi-Fi System - 100 Watts
£110 Deptford, London

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Hey there, What i have here is my almost new Hitachi AX-M136i DAB FM CD MP3 IPOD Dock USB Micro Hi-Fi System - 100 Watts. It comes with all its accessories including remote control and is in mint condition as it has been well kept in a storage since i got it. It still has about a year Warantee which ill give to who ever buys it and also all the receipts so you have peace of mind. But its in a fantastic condition. Here are its specs!

Hitachi AX-M136I Micro HiFi System- iPOD DAB FM CD USB MP3


Accessories Included - User Guide, Speaker Cables, Control Cable, DAB Aerial,Stand, Remote Control, iPod Dock

This is a CD Micro System with DAB Digital Radio and iPod dock. This unit is only 8" wide and stands only 6" high including stand.It has a powerful output with 2-way speakers and a graphic equaliser to get a rich detailed sound with plenty of bass.

The CD player is top loading and it is motorised, remote controlled and has a blue backlight. It will also play back MP3 CDs which allows you to listen to hundreds of songs from just one CD.

You get DAB radio, with more station choice, easier tuning, scrolling text information and crystal clear sound quality. Because DAB is digital, it carries many more channels and produces a higher quality sound.

The Radio can also tune the analogue FM stations and includes RDS to display the station name.

A further feature is the USB port on the front of the HiFi which means you can plug your USB memory device or MP3 player in and enjoy MP3s stored in Windows Media Format in high quality HiFi sound.

New on the AX-M136I is an iPod docking station which plugs into its own dedicated connector. Your iPod is charged while it plays. There is an auxiliary input as well so other Mp3 or portable audio device can plug in.

A really powerful system, offers great value and delivers 100 watts of speaker power, with treble, bass tone control and surround-sound features so you can make the most of your music.

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