Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Guitar with 3 pickups - LP
£1,795 Solihull

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Baby #2 is on its way and so i've lost my music room and i'm forced to have a clear out.

Here we have my GORGEOUS Gibson Les Paul Custom, 3 pickup "Black Beauty" which left the factory in 1989 and as it is not badged as a 35th Anniversary model that also makes it a little rare.

This guitar is in pretty damn good condition for a 23 year old guitar with just a couple of small strap marks and dings which are too small to photograph (i tried ! ).
As you can probably see from the photos there is some minor fading of the gold finish on the pickup covers and bridge but this all adds to it's "mojo" :-)

The case has done a good job of protecting the guitar over the years and has taken a bit of a bashing but still does it's job no problem.

But back to the guitar......

I've had a lot of Gibson guitars over the years and a lot of Les Pauls and this is by far the loudest, heaviest, best sustaining, best sounding Gibson i've ever had.
This guitar just screams RRROOOOOCCCCKKKK !
Put it through a valve amp and if you leave the guitar volume at 10 it will instantly put the preamp into overdrive. The pickups are mental.
In true Spinal Tap fashion, pick a string, go away, do some shopping, have a bath, come back and the string will still be ringing out. It has awesome sustain.
However, ease off the volume and you can tame this monster and get some real laid back sounds.

This guitar is a badass and i'll be really sad to see it go.

Sensibly priced so no silly offers or swaps. Check out ebay and see how much these mofo's sell for (if you can find one).

Go on....... Unleash your inner Rock God :-)

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