Garra Rufa Single (or Double) Tank Aquarium

South West (Wimbledon) £500.00
1148 days ago


Two spa tanks with double tray and bench - £800 for the complete double set or £500 for a single - currently running with 15 Rufa and 15 zebra fish.

1..1 tank 500x500x500 10mm thick
2.1 external filter 1400ltr built in uv light [1400EF from All Pond Solutions]
3.1 heaters
4. 30 fish

If you take both tanks for £800 you also get
1. The double padded faux leather bench & tray
2. LED lights
3. A 3rd same type filter
4. Various water test kits
5. Pipe cleaner
6, Safe Water Treatment and Nutrafin food.

The filters are superb - check out the comments on the webiste (, Full multi-stage approach to filtration and filters your tank water through a number of distinct filter materials that are separated into different layered baskets to provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration to your aquarium fish tank giving crystal clear water.

The built in UV sterilizer exposes passing water to lethal doses of ultraviolet light, killing, sterilizing or otherwise irreparably damaging many micro-organisms.

Note only 1 tank is actually shown in the picture - the other is stored away to save space etc

Pick up only from Wimbledon, SW19.

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