Gaming pc with Windows 7 Ultimate

Newcastle Co. Down £300.00
1089 days ago


Here we have a gaming computer with windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and 8GB RAM. This computer is brand new and are ready for gaming. This could play Battlefield 3 or any other game in high detail! Also comes with driver cds and books. All your friends will be super jealous with this machine! in the windows 7 rating reaches ram speed 7.3 out of 7.9! thats amazing speeds!!!!

The specs lists to this computer are:

• A really cool gaming PC case with 2 blue lit up 120mm and 80mm case fans at the front and side

• comes with 8GB DDR3 RAM at 1500mhz

• comes with 300gb hard drive too hold all your games and files with ease

Comes with Really high power graphics card, ATI 5450

• Comes with a AMD Athlon X2 250 running at 3.50GHZ with a upgraded cooler for best performance

• comes with Windows 7 Ultimate installed 64 bit (Activated, key provided)

• An ASUS motherboard with AM3+ CPU socket with multiple features and is the best amd socket to date and has a high front side bus speed.

• Comes with DVDRW-DL for the best burning
and reading technology for burning DVDs and playing them in high quality

• comes internet ready

• great for all the family or for the ultimate gamer

• comes with a 600WT power supply

comes with free edition Avast

This computer is brand new and there is not even a scratch on it. Very well built and very well maintained for the best lifetime possible. Very cheap price at £300 The perfect pc for the ultimate gamer or perfect for the family or for just working use. Comes with warranty

Just give me a call or text on 07716791785

Thanks for viewing and call or text me any time.

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