Gaming PC, i7, 128GB SSD, DDR3, 22" Widesrceen Monitor
£700 Fife, Dunfermline

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For sale is my gaming pc system. Very powerful, fast system with custom watercooling loop, 128gb Solid State Drive, 1TB storage, Nvidia GPU etc.
Main Components listed below:

Intel Core i7 920 Quad Core CPU, 2.66GHz - Great chip - runs very cool at 4GHz due to the water cooling. (Windows Experience Index 7.8)

ASUS P6T Motherboard, LGA 1366, Full ATX board. Boxed with accesories

Corsair XMS3, 6GB DDR3 ram. Very fast triple channel memory with tight timings 8-8-8-24. (Windows Experience Index 7.8) Boxed

Coolermaster HAF 932 Full ATX Gaming Case. Massive case with great airflow. Comes with castors (its heavy) and feet. Boxed

Gainward GTS 250 Graphics Card, HDMI.Currently fitted with waterblock but will be supplied with the original heatsink/fan as well. (Windows Experience Index 7.1) Boxed

Corsair HX620 Modular PSU. High output power supply. Only fit the cables you need to ensure neat cable management. Boxed

Crucial C300 128gb SSD. Very fast drive. Boots Windows in second and opens applications almost immediatley.

HAANS G 22" HD Monitor with HDMI and built in speakers.

This PC was built around 1 year ago and is in excellent condition. I have installed a custom watercooling loop which runs virtually silent and cost around £160 on its own. Components are:

XSPC CPU Water Block,
EK Supreme Plexi VGA Water Block,
XSPC 5.25" Reservoir and Pump,
EK 240mm Radiator,
XSPC Compression Fittings,
EK Clear Tubing,
UV Green Distilled Water,
2x 12" UV Cathode Lights/Tubes

This machine boots up very fast due to the solid state drive and has an additional 1TB (1000GB) Storage drive installed.
This is great for gaming, photo editing etc and is currently running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. The CPU is currently overclocked to 4GHz and never exceeds 60 degrees centigrade due to the wayer cooling. The GPU is also overclocked which gives the performanve of a much more expensive card. This makes it more than capable of running any current game at decent settings.

Also included in the sale is a Saitek Eclipse 2 backlit Gaming Keyboard, Saitek Cyborg Gaming Mouse and xbox 360 controller.

If you need any more info or photos please let me know. (The photos of the watercooling due not due it justice. In the dark this really glows bright ultraviolet green but I couldnt seem to capture it on my camera.)

Thanks for looking.

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