Gaming desktop for sale, cheap and fast.

Warrington, Cheshire £140.00
720 days ago


I am selling my gaming desktop, for cheap, I want to sell it quick because I no longer use it.

The specs of the computer are as followed:

quad core amd processor,.
6gb of ram
1gb hd graphics card
500gb sata internal hardrive

I am in a rush as of right now, but these are the basic specs, I can go into more detail if you give me an email.

The computer just needs a fresh install of windows, which I can preform, either Vista 32 or Windows 7 64 bit, either one is possible. I am trying to sell the computer as a whole, but it may not look good because the case is missing two sides, but it runs like a beast. I can easily run every game on the market today on the highest quality without the computer freezing, crashing or even lagging.

Also one note, the case of the computer does not include the sides, this is because the case which I put the motherboard in was a spare motherboard at the time; but the motherboard is a beast of a motherboard, again I can provide specs if asked for.

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