fender strat with warmoth scalloped neck!!

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Here is a lovely custom strat. The guitar is in excellent condition, and hardly used. When I made the guitar I thought I’d be using it a lot, but in reality I hardly touched it, except when I made some vids. The guitar has not been gigged and from a smoke free house. Guitar has always been kept in the case, and all my guitars are stored in a temperature-controlled room. What makes the guitar special is the following:

Guitar is a cross between the yngwie malmsteen and eric Johnson strat

Neck is a brand new 22 fret warmoth strat neck. The neck is fully scalloped. The neck is a satin maple finish, micro thin laquer, and no tint. It was done this way, as when it gets played and ages, it creates its own look. The neck is beautiful and prestine.

Body is a 2 tone sunburst fender Mexican body

Pickups are 3 x dimarzio pickups, 2 x HS-3 and 1 x HS-2. I’m not sure which combo I put it in but I think the HS-2 is in the bridge because I wanted to have a slightly eric Johnson sound rather than full on yngwie. The other option was HS-2 in the middle, again not sure!

Machine heads came with the neck so I think their kluson but not sure, the machine heads are very solid and guitar keeps in tune perfectly.

The nut is an ESP earvana compensating nut http://www.earvana.com/

The action is quite low, as im a shredder, but that’s easily adjusted to suit.

Here are some links to my youtube channel to hear the guitar:




Why am I selling it? Well I’ve had the guitar for 3 years, and always wanted to try a scalloped neck. Thing is I just can’t get used to it, as im more into the ibanez wizard neck, and Gibson necks, so its just sitting doing nothing. Sad to see it go, but the guitar was built to be played!

The case is a sturdy tribal planet case worth £50 on its own. Its included in the sale as I can’t be bothered to separate it.

In context an eric Johnson or yngwie strat goes for min £1000, and you’re getting one extra fret, great quality parts for nearly half that.

NO TEXT, if you are serious please call, thanks

£500 ONO

a warmoth scalloped neck is currently on ebay for £295! do the maths!

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