Fender Roc Pro 100 amp with footswitch

South Belfast £170.00
1015 days ago


This amp needs a garage or to be gigged. It is too loud for a bedroom. If you want a bedroom amp, there are loads on Gumtree. Get one of those. This will be too loud. This amp stands on its own against a metal drummer. It is loud.

Spent ages playing 'Davidian' on this with the gain on and 'Wicked Game' with the reverb. Both sound incredible. Beast of an amp. Put a bottle beside it for size reference. Beautiful reverb, but ultimately a guitar for metal.

Way, way too loud for me. I live in a small flat and don't gig. The amp hasn't been out in public, but it needs a large place, or someone who's a bit deaf.

The reviews'll tell you about it better than I can:


Too many slots in the back for other devices for me to talk about. Footswitch comes with it, £35 on Ebay on its own.

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