Fender American Ash Telecaster 8502
£550 Acton, London

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Up for sale is this American Ash Telecaster 8502. Its been played a heck of a lot (but that should tell you how amazing i found the tone and playability of it!) It does have some tiny tiny scratches here and there. The main noticeable thing is the small chip to the finish on the body (see picture number 8).

It needs new strings. It was setup fairly recently and has a great action and feel. However, I would always recommend getting a setup done to your liking as any guitar should have a setup done for each individual in my opinion. The playability/tone of the guitar is awesome. I've tried to picture it as honestly as i can but if anyone has any questions or wants more photos i'd be happy to oblige.

In short this probably wont be ideal guitar for those who like their instruments to look pristine new and shiny. But to be honest if you care about how it sounds and feels and are ok with more "worn in" look then this should be right up your alley as it sounds great!

It will also come with the original molded fender case.

Now this guitar is the pretty rare "8502" model and quite sought after hence the price i'm looking for. It was made in the Corona Plant USA in 2006. Serial Number is Z6266990.

Also see the tdpri forum for some more information about how great and desirable people seem to find this guitar. They are all much more knowledgeable about it than me!

The specs are on it are as follows (taken from the above forum):

"1.) Fender vintage '52 decal on the headstock
2.) Round string tree on the headstock as opposed to the earlier Standard
3.) Slightly shouldered one-piece maple neck
5.) White cloth wrapping on the bridge pickup
6.) Premium ash body
7.) Steel bridge plate as opposed to chromed brass on the earlier Standard
8.) Chromed brass bridge saddles
9.) Fender Modern-Vintage pickups
10.) Delta tone control (notch detent when dimed) - this takes the tone pot out of the circuit so you are just hearing the true pure sound of the pickup
11.) Standard 3-way wiring scheme as opposed to the S-1

The 8502 is essentially a moderized version of the the '52 Reissue with medium jumbo frets, a 9 1/2" neck radius, and the modern bridge system. The pickups are also comprised of Alnico III magnets that somewhat simulate the OV pups with a modern twist."

I will not post this guitar so anyone wanting to buy would have to come pick it up from West London. I have a good quality amp at home if anyone wants to try it out before making a decision.

Thanks for looking!

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