Farfisa (Scandalli) Syntaccordion Chromatic (5 Row) C System Accordion + MIDI Adaptor
£995 Loanhead

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For sale, a 3 voice (LMM) treble, 46 notes ranging from D (below middle C) to B (a tone higher than the A on a 41 key piano accordion). It has 6 couplers on the edge of the keyboard that change reed configurations, the other 2 are for muting the reeds when just using the electronics. The bass is similar having 4 couplers for reeds and 2 for muting reeds. It also has internal microphones, (treble and bass) with individual volume and tone controls set on the grill.

Bass and treble valves have been replaced where necessary, reeds have have been tuned to concert pitch (A = 440Hz)
The accordion is made by Scandalli, an excellent Italian manufacturer, Circa mid 1970's, so it is a quality instrument, using the finest of materials. Treble keyboard is fast and quiet.
It has also been serviced with adjustments, replacements and cosmetic touches made where required. The compression is excellent, and it also comes with original leather straps and hard case.

Unfortunately, I don't have the tone generator with this accordion so, I cannot tell you if the electronic circuitry on the accordion works or not.

What it does comes with, is a brand new Asimov Electronics Syntacc V2.0 MIDI converter box, which is specifically made for this model of accordion. I have tested it with this accordion and it works great. So you can connect the accordion to any MIDI expander and play the sounds from it. These normally retail at £550.

I have kept the price of all my accordions to the absolute minimum (in this case, I am making a loss due to the hours spent on it). Accordions, by nature, are very complex and have an extraordinary amount of moving parts (the bigger they are, the more work is involved) and therefore consume a vast amount of time in an overhaul to bring them up to a high standard of playability.. Please bear this in mind when you consider buying one.

Viewing by appointment only.

In addition to the above, I am offering 1 hours worth of free tuition valid up to 1 month after the purchase of the accordion.
Unfortunately, I cannot discount from the accordion, the price of the lesson to anyone who cannot take up my offer of the hours free lesson.

If you are just looking for tuition, or maybe a repair to your existing accordion or melodion, just give me a call on the above number, and I am sure I will be able to fit you in.
I teach both piano accordion and chromatic (5Row) C system accordions in many different styles for all ages.

I am prepared to post this accordion at buyer’s own expense. I will give a weight of the accordion for postage purpose, where upon the buyer can arrange a courier to pick it up from my premises. I am prepared to pack the accordion free of charge, but I will not be liable for any damage that might occur in transportation. It is up to the individual whether they insure it or not.

Thank you for looking.

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