Eyeliner Stencil Tip Flick Kit

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5 beautiful eyeliner tip stencil designs, easy to apply, they make eyeliner look immaculate for airbrushed perfection...

The hardest part of applying eyeliner is the ‘flick style’ tip at the end of each upper eyelid (the eye liner tip – opposite end to the teardrop). This is where these 5 stencil eyeliner tip designs come in...no more errors, no more ‘non identical’, uneven flicks, but airbrushed professional looking eyeliner tips.

How to use: once you have applied the basic eyeliner you then simply choose a stencil tip design then hold it to the outer corner of each eye; stencil using a liquid eyeliner or thin soft eyeliner pencil. Once you have achieved your perfect eyeliner tip, you can reuse it by cleaning it in warm, soapy water or eye makeup remover (just like a sponge).
Enjoy 5 different designs to be the women you want to be. These stencils can be trimmed with scissors to make it easier if need be to stencil.

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