Electric drums - Yamaha DT Express III

Chatham, Kent £175.00
1180 days ago


Yamaha DT Express III as shown in pictures. A great kit no longer required as bought an upgrade.

Electric drum kit consisting of: 3 x tom trigger pads, 1 x snare 3 zone trigger pad, 1 x hi-hat trigger pad with controller pedal, 1 x bass drum trigger pad and one ride/crash trigger pad. (instruction manuals included)

Obviously the first big appeal is the fact that it can be played in silence, which is great for the people I live with. I've been playing drums for about 12 years but have never had the opprotunity to practice as much as I have had with this kit. I also like the fact that creating, editing and saving drumkits is very easy, this is a very user friendly kit. The control unit comes with many different audio ins and outs which makes it easy to hook up head phones, speakers or use the kit for home recording purposes. I also enjoy the fact that any pad can be assigned with any sound. For instance, I can have a ride cymbol in my top right tom and snare in my high-hat, its wide open. The control module also has a audio in right on the front which can be used to play along with songs for a computer or CD player.

1. brain unit has a small crack on the display panel and is missing a control knob (see pictures) there is also scratches on the top of the brain unit
2. bass drum pad has a dent on the playing surface where it has been well used but still works well also the metal is scratched.
3. some screws, nuts and bolts have fallen out over the years but is still very sturdy and adaptable although I do have a small bag of spares.

Its a great kit with a little wear and tear but works very well and can be folded easily for storage.

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